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January has been a turbulent month for the Miners, but the way the UTEP football season ended was frustrating through no fault of their own. They ended the season with their first win over the University of Texas in El Paso on Saturday night.

To kick-start the basketball season, the NM State men's and women's programs had to move to Las Cruces to train and play. North Texas refused to come to the Sun Bowl, forcing the Miners to play a home game at Denton against UNT. The Longhorns then made sure of that, and the University of Texas went into the match as the favorite with 44 points.

After starting the season without a ranking spot, the Longhorns jumped to 11th in the standings and portrayed the Miners as a top team. Texas had a solid Texas Mines team, whose season ended 7-1-1, but the eventual Southwest Conference champions of 1930 had no answer in their first game of the year.

The Miners were originally supposed to be Texas' third opponent this year, but were canceled for the first time because of the coronavirus and only played two home games during the season, both against Abilene Christian University and the University of California. Texas A & M UT begins its season with a University of Texas game at the El Paso Miners, who enter the game after a 24-14 victory over Stephen F. Austin. The Longhorns (3-1, 1-0 Southwest Conference) will face teams from all regions of Lone Star State, including Texas Tech (2-3, 0-2), Texas State University (4-4, -1) and UTEP (5-5, 3-1).

Two other Texas players on the list are junior wide receiver D'Onta Foreman and tight end Tyler Eifert.

The Miners have a rivalry with the Lobos of the University of New Mexico, and the Longhorns average more than 30 points per game. The Longhorn and Miner's have faced each other three times in the last two seasons because they are two public schools.

UTEP is usually the leader in enrollment in both Mexico and the United States. In the fall of 1984, 15,322 students were enrolled. In 1978-82, UTEP had more than 40 percent of students from Mexico studying at Texas public colleges.

In 1949, the Texas legislature passed a proposal to change the name of Texas Western College to better reflect the rising number of students from Mexico and the shrinking share of Mexicans in Texas public colleges. The expansion of primary and graduate programs reflected the expansion of UTEP's academic programs to more than 100,000 students. This included a new bachelor's degree in economics and a business administration degree.

In 1919, the Legislature made the College of Mines and Metallurgy part of the University of Texas, and to better reflect this connection, the name was changed to College of Mines and Mining and its bachelor and master's degrees were transferred to UTEP. In 1920 the regents called it the School of Mining and Metallurgy and in 1920 the regents called it the School of Mining and Metallurgy.

To prepare for the first day of school, the decoration committee chose orange and white from the University of Texas as school colors. To underscore the fact that the students were part of the Texas system as a branch of the College of Mining and Metallurgy, and not just as a separate institution, but also as part of a branch university, they voted to keep the school's orange - and white - color.

Sam Ehlinger completed a jump ball to Jordan Whittington from 43 yards and then attempted the same play that led to Brennan's Eagles touchdown in the first game.

Sam Ehlinger put a wide pass on Brenden Schuler in midfield and scored on Tarik Black's 1-0 run in Longhorns uniform.

The winner will receive a traveling trophy when the Miners and Aggies meet in football this season. The winner of the Texas Longhorns vs. Texas A & M football game will receive a traveling trophy. The spade is the symbol of victory and is given to those who give it to us and we get it back to them.

The Brass Spittoon, officially known as the Mayor's Cup, was created in 1982 when it was decided to present the winner of the UTEP vs. NMSU game with a traveling trophy. Miners were recognised by the regents as the official mascot for the miners in 1983 after Pete was transformed into the burro he is today and dumped on the pasture.

The class of prospects for 2022 impressed the likes of Alabama when the SEC powerhouse offered El Pasoan as part of its 2017 recruiting class.

The Longhorns spoiled the party in the only trip Texas has made to El Pasoan since the 2012 season, but it was only after the Red River rivalry against Oklahoma that the team could score against the Texas defense. UTEP was in its first game since winning the Fiesta Bowl this season and the Miners led early by using two Jose Martinez field goals to go 6-0 in front.

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